Thursday, October 4, 2007

whistle the "snoopy theme"

I am going to camp. Not in charge of anything. I feel like Snoopy doing the happy dance.

This weekend is Fall Encampment. This is where MANY girls from our service unit attend camp for 3 days. They camp, hike, canoe, sing songs, that sort of thing. I have, in the past taken troops to encampment. It is such a wonderful experience for the girls. For me, not so much. It is probably raining and more than a little cold. I have done it all for the girls.

This year I am attending as an adult, without girls. Sleeping inside and staying up way too late (or early, depending on your point of view) playing cards and goofing off.

Youngest Daughter and Best Friend have planned and will run the encampment workshop. They put together an entire day of Egypt Unearthed. The hours spent planning are too many to count. They will be running approximately 150 Brownies and Juniors through their programs. This project is happening for their Silver Award. I really wanted to pop in and watch, but did not want to camp outside, in the probable rain. I was thinking I would take the ferry over for the day. It makes for a long day, but I really wanted to see them in action. The adult unit is so much better. Food, cards, laughter and knitting. Possibly a stroll around camp to get the blood flowing.
The only downside to this weekend is that I will miss the Fleece Artist trunk show and the LYS. Local wine, cheese AND Fleece Artist. Now that is a dream evening. I contacted the LYS and they let me know they would be setting up all day Friday and that I was invited to come take a peak. I need to go. I hope I can pick up some rovings.

This is what I am bringing to knit...the pictures are not great, but you get the idea...

Log Cabin socks for Husband

Dragon scarf for Youngest Son

This is the project I really need to finish. Because Youngest Son is always in house with me it is hard to find stealth knitting time. It would feel great to come home with only stealth blocking left to complete.

Log Cabin socks for me

I can not imagine finishing the other 2 projects, this is "just in case".

I also packed some spinning. But spinning is not a social activity for me, so it will probably only come out of the bag if I get some time in the woods.

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