Thursday, October 11, 2007

clutter is bad

I guess the first thing you need to know, is that I do not do clutter. All horizontal surfaces in my house are clear, the counter tops are empty,(yes, empty), the bed is always made. I own 1 knick-knack

I did not plan it, it happened. There are 3 plants in the house. I did not buy them, they were gifts with history attached, so they get to live. Art is totally different from knick-knacks. Art has a home here.

If I walk into a room and the kids shoes are scattered about, and the newspapers are spread all over, and there are dishes on the table...that is bad. That must be picked up before I can even think about flopping on the couch to knit. Although I seem to be OK with Lego's, go figure. It is inconceivable to me to relax now and pick up later. How can people relax when there are piles of stuff everywhere? I just do not understand. If I sit on the couch to knit and I look across a dining room table with a finished plate and a tossed aside book, how can I be expected to turn away and begin knitting? There is no way that would ever happen. I need a clear surface before my calm returns. Do I need a spotless kitchen floor and sparkling windows? No, it is the clutter I can not deal with.

There is a psychiatrist out there that knows exactly why I do these things. It is all a mystery to me.
OK, so now that you know this you will understand why I had to take the cutting shears to my Ravelry notebook. Groups, I belonged to a gajillion. I realized that there were only a few I checked regularly and I unjoined the rest. Friends too. I actually felt more than a little guilt about clicking the x under a friends pic, but really, if I am not reading their blogs or checking on on them at least once a week, then they need to go. Yes it is harsh, but I am what I am and I can not stand the clutter.

If you ever need someone to clean out your garage, rent a dumpster and I am on it!


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Wow! You are harsh! My house is one clutter ball. In my defense, we had to move from a 3600 sq. ft. house into one that is 1/3 the size. I just don't have the room to put all my stuff out, so I have boxes lining the walls. I hate it. But I hate it more when I'm not surrounded by the things I love. My house feels sterile if there's not stuff on tables, counters, etc. It's part art/part knick-knacks/part crap. But it's how I live, and we're comfortable. To each her own - it's what makes life interesting.

Tan said...

Oh, Terri, when I grow up I want to be just like you. My daughter-in-law came over on Tuesday and helped me clean my office. It took us four hours to sort through bills, knitting patterns, receipts, printouts, and CDs that I had piled on my MIDI keyboard--I had to do this before I could put my work-in-progess into the computer so I can hand out parts on Monday. Being a messy person is a curse. I grew up in a messy household, and so did my husband. It has taken me 37 years of having my own household to get to the point where MOST horizontal surfaces are tidy; will I ever get them all? (My dresser is pretty scary, too.)