Monday, October 1, 2007

fave beans and chianti

Oldest Daughter's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and she received balloons from Orthodontist. The regular balloons lasted a day, but the mylar version was going strong and still tied to the dining room chair. Last night I needed the chair to wind yarn so I cut it loose. This morning I am laying in bed trying to figure out what that freaky noise is. It sounds like the sucking sound the bad guy in Silence Of The Lambs makes. You, know the one that follows the fava beans and Chianti line. Anyway, I am trying not to panic, We turned the heater on yesterday, maybe the heater is making noises? Then I see the silhouette of the balloon as it is scraping along the ceiling. It was pretty funny. The balloon is out a here.

What a productive weekend, knitting wise. I did indeed get Husband's Retro Bib socks done. No picture available, he wore them to work this morning. On Friday I said out loud that I really wanted to finish his socks this weekend. I was tired of working on them and ready for something new. Because I had just begun the heel flap I did not really believe they wold get done, just that I really wanted to move along with them. Last night I grafted the toe! Thank you rain.

I immediately wound the Fleece Artist from my swap buddy and managed to knit up a few rows before heading to bed.

I am not sure of the color. Forest or Cosmic Dawn, maybe. The Log Cabin Sock pattern is written for a worsted weight yarn. I am making these for myself using the pattern as written for a mans size and adding 4 stitches. I added a k1,p1 at the beginning of the pattern repeat. That gives me 60 stitches on #2's. Should be perfect. LOVE the yarn.

This week my knitting and I will spend much time in waiting rooms. 3 dance lessons, an Orthodontist appt and probably 2 Oral Surgeon visits. Woo Hoo! (Why does spell check let Woo slide, but highlight Hoo?)

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Tan said...

You know, wooing, like courting? To woo. Whereas, to hoo would be ungrammatical. It would have to be to hoom. hom.