Monday, November 12, 2007

boot straps

Tan is right, I have let myself go. It is time to grab the ol boot staps and get busy.

OK, I need a list. First things first.

Finish the shelves. This is THE most important thing on my plate. Must, must, must be done. I need to have the shelves painted and then set for a week before I can load them. I would like to load them before Thanksgiving.

Finish spinning Goblin Eyes. I do not plan to purchase another niddy noddy, so this project has to be done before I can spin anything else.

Finish plying the Zen.

Put Lenore away. Take the Diagonal Rib socks to dance classes and doc appointments until they are done. I am a couple of inches into the second sock. I should be able to finish this up next weekend.

ARG! I forgot the legwarmers. Keep the leg warmers for future mindless knitting and go buy Youngest Daughter a store bought pair so I stop fretting about them.

This might work. As long as I do not think about projects to come and all the things I would like to do. I am feeling weak. Cross your fingers.

Progress will be posted. Keep me on track.

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