Tuesday, November 27, 2007

mm mm good

The lasagna turned out great. Right up until the moment I took my first bite I was unsure of the whole thing. It was creamy and yummy and will definitely make its way into our dinner rotation. I used Basil Tofu Ricotta from Vegan With A Vengeance. The cheesy sauce part of the lasagna recipe from The Uncheese Cookbook. A jar of Newman's Marinara and Rozoni oven lasagna noodles. If you are thinking about making it, do not worry that the cheesy sauce starts out very thin and does not taste so great before being cooked. It comes out of the oven thick and yummy. I have been using the Rozoni oven lasagna noodles for years. They are the perfect size for a Pyrex bread pan.

The Goblin Eyes fingerless mitts are done.

I am quite happy with the results. The fiber is Romney and this is my first time spinning this variety. It has a very long staple length and comes out of the soak much softer and fluffier.

Another sheep I have not yet spun is Faukland, the variety in this month's Spunky Club.

Pie For Everyone. I am going to let it sit on my dresser for a while so that it has a chance to tell what it wants to be.

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