Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Hanukkah/Birthday

I love the first night of Hanukkah. Opening the new boxes of candles. Setting out bags of gelt for the kids. Latkes. MMM latkes.
A few months ago Youngest Daughter switched dance studios. The studio is fairly new. They have lots of kids in the beginner program, but only 4 in the advanced program. We are slowly getting to know people. Turns out that one of the other families is Jewish, so we had three girls with bellies full of latkes at dance last night. This may not seem unusual to people living in New York, or LA, but here in Jewish free Edmonds it is pretty remarkable. If Edmonds had a golf course it would probably be restricted!

Things have changed a bit in my knitting world. How? No socks. I am officially in a sock free period. For quite a while I have been winding balls, casting on, hating it and frogging. Over and over. Clang! OK, I get it, I need to stop socks for a while.

All last week I worked only on the Russian Stole and spinning. I got up early this morning to finish up page 2 of the pattern.
I am at the halfway point!

It is so exciting to move from the wrinkled marked up page
to a clean shiny copy.

And spinning? I am spinning so that I can start The Invisibility Shawl as soon as the Russian is done. There is a good weeks worth of spinning left. I will take pics when it is finished.

This no sock thing left me with a dilemma. What am i going to carry around to dance classes and doc appointments if socks are on hiatus? Another shawl? What else am I going to do with all this socks yarn?

This one is my own design pulled from Evelyn Clark's Knitting Lace Triangles. A good travel project in its earlier stages. This yarn is so nice. REALLY! The colors are knitting up beautifully and it is super soft. Oceanwind Knits, fingering, Vancouver Island. I purchased the first 2 skeins from Loopy Ewe and ordered the next 2 skeins directly from the dyer. Lovely.

Today is Oldest Son's birthday! I have a pie to make. He requests pies, not cake for his birthday. Beef Stroganoff is his dinner of choice, he has a thing about mushrooms. Last time I made this dish I did the sauce part the same as always but instead of the normal sliced steak I threw in some veggie meatballs. He never knew the difference and it turned into a meal the whole family would eat. I get a little thrill when that happens.

There are also cookies to be made today and delivered tonight to our neighbors. That means a full day in the kitchen. Better put on the tea kettle.

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Tan said...

Happy Hannukah!I meant to email you and kept thinking about it but in the end forgot. But hey, I can keep saying it all week.