Tuesday, December 18, 2007

this week's dinners

Youngest Son's birthday. He does not want a cake, or a pie, or doughnuts, or pudding or anything else that you can think of. Instead he asked for pretzels. Big, soft pretzels. For both dinner and dessert. He is so cool.

Matzo Ball Soup

I do not have a written down soup recipe, I always make it up as I go. The Matzo Balls come from the back of the Streits Matzo Meal box. I beat everything longer than I think it needs and use bubble water instead of plain water.

Sloppy Joes aka Snobby Joes

Vegetarian Cassoulet
noodles or rice

This is the only empty calendar day this week. I will play this one by ear. Because there is nothing on the schedule for this day, I have time to make an elaborate meal. Because there is nothing on the calendar for this day, I may prefer to knit all day and bring home a pizza. There is no way to know until the days arrives.

Husband will not be home for dinner

Pasta w/Marinara Sauce and fake meatballs
Braised Greens

2 new recipes, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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