Monday, December 17, 2007

the last birthday of the year

It is Youngest Son's birthday. He is beyond excited. Husband is at work and most of the present opening will need to wait until he arrives home. But to keep things from getting too ugly he is able to open the present from our neighbors. These are the neighbors from Denmark, whose own kids and grand kids are very far away. They spoil our kids something fierce and we love them. This is now in the house. Talk about cool!

I have finished spinning 4oz of Spook. It is possible I will not have enough for the Invisibility Shawl. (the little boy has the shawl on his head) If not, I have another 4 oz braid I can spin. I will wait and see. It would be nice to use the other braid for something else.

I am very happy with the results.

The Leaf & Sand Dollar Shawl is getting bigger and bigger. It has moved to the Loopy bag and my next task today will be to order longer cables. Yeah, yeah, I should have ordered the longer cables last week. I am so good at denial.

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