Monday, December 10, 2007

holiday music

Before I get to the music...

A favorite dyer is offering a fiber of the month club. She only opened it to 6 people, as of this typing it is down to 4. I have spun her stuff a couple of times and LOVE it. If you are inclined to join a club, this has the potential to be a great one. Dragon Fibers.

Just now, I began my holiday music list and hit what I thought was the TAB key, but in reality must have been CAPS LOCK or CAPS LOCK and something else. It made the computer go dark and lock up. My computer NEVER locks up. Be careful out there people.

Favorite Holiday Music:
Christmas - old
Christmas with the Rat Pack
looking up the link for this disc gives me LOTS more to investigate
Charlie Brown Christmas
Ella Wishes You a Swinging Little Christmas

Christmas - new
Brian Setzer - both
Los Straitjackets-Tis the Season For
Raul Malo - Marshmallow World

The Leevees-Hanukkah Rocks
Kenny Ellis-Hanukkah Swings

Bare Naked Ladies-Bare Naked for the Holidays
The sweetest new Hanukkah song and the Elf's Lament ("I make toys but I
have aspirations..."). LOVE this disc.

What are your favorites?


Tan said...

And the best crossover holiday CD: Oy to the World by the Klezmonauts

Terri said...

Ah yes, I love that one too.