Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am up late when I should be sleeping. I guess I am feeling a bit of the Holiday Stress.

The extended family is all done and wrapped. I need to get things into boxes and then stand in line at the Post Office. That will be done Wednesday or Thursday. Mostly it is the kids I am working on right now. In the past we have stuffed stockings and given one gift to each child. This year I am afraid it will be 2 gifts per child. Only because I did some shopping before making my list and speaking with Husband. I am having a hard time with Youngest Daughter. She is the hardest one to shop for. She is so practical and at the same time the things she wants are quite expensive. Now that I think about it, that means she takes after me. Bummer.

Oldest Daughter's big gift is/are tickets to Mark O'Connor's string extravaganza. I bought 2 tickets, center orchestra row L. She will love it.

Oldest Son's big gift is a sporran to wear with his kilt. I thought I would buy him a Utilikilt instead, but their base model is $140! He can wear his new sporran with his old kilt.

Youngest Daughter? She has asked for a PDA. Tonight I learned that Riverdance tickets go on sale Friday. I will probably buy the tickets, but then what will her small gift be?

Youngest Son is so easy. He chose a Playmobil Pirate Set the last time we were at the toy store. I am also planning to purchase a leather jacket for him, a la Indiana Jones. He will be in heaven.

I am not a shopper. Would rather poke needles in my eyes than go to a mall. Most of our shopping is done with local artists or online. One of our favorite places to buy gifts for grown-ups is Bedrock. Boy did we drop some money there this year. So some of the stress is coming from the actual shopping. I am not a good consumer. Spending money makes me cranky. Then there is the whole time factor. My days are jam packed. Now I have to add shopping into those days. There is not time for all of this.

No knitting or spinning took place from Thursday through today. Today is a 2 dance class day. That equaled 20 rows of lace. 20! Oh yeah, it feels good.

Tomorrow I will post my menu plan for the week.

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