Monday, November 19, 2007

sad goblin eyes

Goblin Eyes is finished.
In the end I am not so happy with it. As I prepared to give it a soak in the sink I had to keep draining and refilling the water. There was so much color coming off of the yarn. I rinsed and rinsed and finally walked away. It sat for 1/2 hour or so. When I pulled the yarn out of the sink there were streaks of indigo stains on the sink bowl. When I brought the skein outside to dry, it was obvious that all of the purple was gone. What had been dark purple is now grey and all of the colors are a bit duller. I still plan to knit it up into a pair of fingerless mitts, but it is not the same.

Once the spindle was empty I was able to return to plying. Spindle plying is slow but I managed to finish the last skein Saturday morning.

I love that each skein is a bit different, color wise. It is going to make for a very fun shawl.

So that is 2 more projects in the done column.

Socks are slogging along. I will be sitting through 3 dance classes and 3 doc appointments this week, fine knitting time.

Let's do a quick inventory of what is left to finish.

1-Socks for Husband


3-blocking the dragon scarf

Is that it? Really? Oh the leg warmers. Yes, well...we were in the dance shop last week picking up new tap shoes for Youngest Son, when Youngest Daughter spied a pair of bright green fuzzy leg warmers. How could I say no? Not only is she thrilled with them, but that means I can yank the needles right out of the hand knit leg warmers and turn that yarn into something more sensible, like a hat!

What projects re you working to finish?

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