Sunday, July 29, 2007

100 bottles of beer

Oldest Son was in Detroit Metro Airport about 4 hours longer than scheduled. His flight was delayed twice and I was SO distressed thinking that it would be cancelled. Friday afternoon I was so anxious for Husband to get home. I had been frantic for a couple of hours and thought that having him home would provide the relaxing qualities it usually does. Wrong, having him home and having me explain what had been happening was awful. The tears came even though I tried to be stoic, which is my natural Norwegian nature. It took about an hour of Husband at home before I was able to get a hold of myself.

Oldest Son was originally scheduled to arrive in New York at 10PM. It was 2AM before I received the call from my mom that she had the boy. It had been a long couple of days. PLEASE do not repeat the process come Monday.

The good stuff? With the girls camping and Oldest Son in Cooperstown meant that Husband and I had just 1 child all weekend. Husband and I spent some time trying to arrange a fun weekend. In the end it was decided that something for everyone would be the way to go. So this morning we set out on the Brewery, Yarn Shop, Toy Store adventure.

I am guessing that you do not read this blog for the local Toy Store and Brewery information. Please, correct me if I am wrong. You are here for the yarn. I have good news. The first yarn shop I stopped at was Cultured Purl. A very nice shop in Issaquah. They did not have anything I had not seen before, but the staff was very nice and beyond helpful with the other customer in the store. I was tempted by Malabrigo, which I have not yet knit, but did not find a color to grab me, so left empty handed.

The next store I visited was Fiber Gallery. WOW! This is a small store, but full of things I had never seen. Yarn made of paper, plastic, hemp in many forms, silk and cotton like I have never seen, ....the list is long. In the end I purchased

This is planned to be the Baltic Sea Stole. I have never knit with 100 Bamboo, I hope I do not have to change my mind once the project is started. I also purchased The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. This is a book I have checked out from the library over and over. Every time I read it I get something new because I am a different place in my fiber adventures. I am so happy to actually own a copy of the book and it has inspired me to get back to spinning.

Here is the biggest find of the day. It is one I did not purchase today, but will be back for soon. The PERFECT knitting bag. For a very long time I have been making a mental list of things that I would like to see in an everyday purse/knitting bag. While I held on to hope of one day finding and being able afford such a bag, I did not think it would happen. Today it happened. The bag is the Executive from Namaste. It is everything I want. Big and sturdy enough to carry a full Nalgene water bottle and hardcover book. Holds my regular purse stuff in a separate zippered compartment. Has a big open compartment for knitting. A nice outside pocket for patterns and magazines. Feet on the bottom and expander snaps. This is it for me. It is not real leather, but close enough and affordable. I did not grab one because I was undecided whether to chose brown or black. I am 90% sure I want brown and will head back to Fiber Gallery to buy one. I am also open to the possibility that I will want a black bag in the future.

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