Thursday, July 19, 2007

coffee in bed

Dropped that last visitor off at the airport this morning. Whew! It was a great trip and we will miss most of them terribly, but there is nothing like having your house back.

I noticed on my ticker that almost 200 people have visited this here blog. I think a goodie is in order for whoever 200 turns out to be. Time to pull a few things out of the stash and figure out how to make this contest work.

Here is what has become of Husband's black sock.

While I loved the way the herringbone ribbed looked, I did not like to knit it. This afternoon I measured progress and realized I had a good 3 inches before the heel flap. "What if I only do the pattern for the leg and work plain for the foot?" That train of thought was working for about 5 rounds. ENOUGH, I have begun a new sock working off the old. Pattern? Do not yet know. Suggestions are welcome. Its a man's dress sock.

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