Friday, July 27, 2007

what a difference a day makes

As of about 3PM on Wednesday I was prepared to take Oldest Son to the airport Friday morning. The plan was for him to fly into Detroit and then onto Syracuse. His Grandparents where also flying into Detroit to meet him and then off to Syracuse. From there they would rent a car and drive out to Cooperstown. This weekend is the Hall of Fame induction.

Around 3PM on Wednesday I received an email from my Mom telling me how excited she was to see Oldest Son tomorrow. Tomorrow? He did not leave until Friday morning. How would she see him Thursday night? Did she think I would not get the email until Thursday? I better call.

Turns out that all those months ago when Oldest Son wrote the Cooperstown trip on the calendar he had written the wrong day. He was indeed schedule to leave TOMORROW! OK, we can do this. A little last minute running around and we are set. He has a charged cell phone, plenty of cash, his insurance cards, salt water taffy...he is set.

We get up Thursday morning and I flip open the computer to check his flights. Cancelled. Yep, cancelled. His Grandparents are already on their way, they had no idea his flights were cancelled. The airline tells me they can not get him out until Friday. Another airport? No. Another airline? No. Oldest Son is VERY disappointed.

So far this morning his flights are good. But now he is not meeting people in Detroit. What if something goes wrong? I am frantic with worry. I know he is capable of switching planes but what if they decide to cancel again? Frantic I am.

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Tan said...

How old is he? We had a frustrating time when we lost our then-17-year-old son in the Vienna, Austria airport. The flight arrived, but he did not come out with the other passengers. Had he missed his connection in Paris? Had he been kidnapped by terrorists? No one would give us any information. Finally I went to the lost luggage window, and told them I was missing a large 17-year-old boy, and would they please find out where he went. Turns out he was waiting for us at the gate, not realizing that airport security would not allow us to meet him there (it was pre 9/11 and US security was not yet as stringent as European security). So my message is that if anything goes wrong, it will probably be easily fixed and he is more likely to be extra careful than daring and dangerous.