Wednesday, July 18, 2007

under pressure

Most of the company flew out this morning. They are people I enjoy and I will miss them. The person left in the house, not so much. I will put my nose to the grindstone today to avoid long conversations. Long conversations with this person tend to leave me angry.

BIG camp meeting this Sunday. There is much to plan and prepare. 4 days should be just right.

Since the last post Youngest daughter is sporting a Herbst Appliance. She could not eat anything that required chewing for 4 days. She is good now. This afternoon Oldest Daughter will be at the Maxillofacial Surgeon for a consultation. OY!

Now for the good stuff.

Fleece Artist Sea Wool from Loopy Ewe.

This is Brick and a bit more Terra Cotta colored than is showing up on my computer. MMMM

Here we have Hercules. A little more color changes than I was expecting, but very beautiful. Both of these skeins are destined for holiday gifts.

Lastly, Husband asked for some plain black socks for work. This is as plain as I can do black without going nuts. The little criss cross pattern came from out of Folk Bags? Not sure, but it makes knitting plain black Kiogu a very nice.

While looking for pictures for this post I see that I have FO's to show. That will have to wait, I really do need to get back to work. 2 more days until I get my house back. Wish me luck!

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