Friday, July 27, 2007

Say Hey

Thank you Tan for that nice note of encouragement. You are right. He is 16 and not likely to do anything daring. He is a REALLY smart boy and all will work out just fine. Right now he is on an airplane I have about 3 hours before I can begin fretting about his connecting flight.

While I did not really want to leave the house last night. Sitting around wringing my hands about today would not have been helpful. It probably would have included too much wine and not enough sleep. So I packed up my knitting bag and headed to Stitch & Pitch. 12 of us attended together. If I were a good blogger I would have brought a camera and been able to show you a picture of the lot of us sitting there knitting. But I am a bad blogger who never has a camera at hand. It was a lot of fun and the yarns were oh so tempting. One of my companions succumbed many times to the yarn fumes. I managed to get away with this.

This will be socks for Oldest Son as a Hanukkah present. It is not the softest yarn, but the colors are true and it knits up into nice manly Mariner stripes.

I also picked up a shawl pattern Yeah, like I need another one of those.

It is by Ellen Gowey of Village Yarn & Tea and she named it Stole'N Bases. The pattern is perfect and needs to be knit up in time for next year's Stitch & Pitch.

Ellen also designed the Touring Wrap for this year's LYS Tour. She is one to put onto your radar screen.

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That's my middle name said...

Oh- -thank you so much for buying my pattern. I hope you like it!