Thursday, July 5, 2007

torn between two lovers

For a week I have had crazy allergies. Drugs were not working. Even when I doubled the dose or took more at intermittent times during the day. Just now, as I got up to blow my nose, again, I think it may in fact be a cold. Yes, the allergies are still there, but if this is only allergies I am seriously screwed.

Husband's family begins arriving next week. It is going to be tough. Normally I am excited to see them, but they are not traveling alone. "Have to mind my manners" Father-In-Law will be here before they arrive and after they leave. I just do not know what to expect. Other than a butt-load of work to get ready for them.

I have made good progress on the front flower bed, but there is still much to do. Husband finished the built-in bookcases yesterday which means I need to get painting. He still needs to finish the shelves, but the hardest painting are the cases.

Then there is the normal housecleaning that proceeds guests. I will also need to purchase more sheets, blankets and pillows to keep everyone comfortable. Often I use sleeping bags, but it will be WAY too hot for that next week. Father-In-Law will be on a cot in the computer room. The kids will be on fold out mattresses on the floor of the upstairs kid room. Brother and Sister in Law will be on the fold out couch. Brother and Sister in Law are traveling with their Brother and Sister (in Law) and kids. I have no idea where they are staying. I hope it is not here. We have a not so big house.

There is much wine to buy.

Tomorrow morning I will put it all aside for a trip to the yarn store. I have some yarn to return, if I can find the receipt. I would also like to pick up some calm sock yarn. I am at the toe of the second Solstice Slip. Once they are done it may be time to set socks aside for a week or so and concentrate on the Russian Stole.

Are you doing the Mystery Stole? I am torn. My name was added to the list weeks ago as a "just in case". Until last night I had not thought about it again. Then I saw pictures. Then today there was Stephanie's blog. Now I am torn. If I were to do it it would be in a fingering weight, not lace, and no beads. The fact that a link to the yarn is provided is a bad sign. As pretty as it is I really should finish the Russian Stole before casting on for another big lace project. Torn.

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Tan said...

Sometimes the only way you can tell if you have a cold or allergies is whether your allergy meds work.

I downloaded the stole stuff, but I don't know if I will knit it.