Tuesday, January 2, 2007


No camera today. They were out of the one I want at my local Costco. I am not very good at being patient, so I ordered one and will now be stalking the mailman waiting for its arrival.

Last week I began a new pair of socks using STR Henpecked from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Now I have made many pairs of socks using STR yarn and just LOVE it. It is beautiful, soft and knits like a dream. Because it is a hand dyed yarn I never know what the the colorway will do and I like that. At least I used to like that. The first sock I made with Henpecked has cute little stripes. I like the cute little stripes. Can I get the second sock to stripe in the same way? No, not even. I have knit the same 1000 stitches over and over and over and yes, over again. Each time varying where I start in the the color pattern. This yarn just has different ideas. This yarn's intention is to have its way with me without leaving me so much as cab fare home.

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