Tuesday, January 30, 2007

too many socks?

OK, it is official, I am addicted to sock yarn. Both my husband and I have a drawer full of beautiful socks. He is a size 13, I am an 11, and still we are so spoiled we only wear hand knit socks. Neither one of us needs socks. I am in need of a calming project for this weekend. What is in my stash? Yarn for 8 pairs of socks! The kids only get a couple of pairs a socks a year. Hanukkah and birthdays. In the past some have been felted and some worn in a not so gentle way. So knitting for them is out. Is it too early to start Christmas presents?


Stephanie said...

No, I say go for it! (As I am addicted to socks myself right now, I have to say I see myself in the same predicament as you are, after I finish socks for my family first!)

Patti said...

You can make a pair for me. I promise not to felt them. ;)