Wednesday, January 10, 2007

what does THIS cord attach to?

8 weeks ago you would have found this house in the dark ages. OLD computer, long ago broken printer and scanner, nothing but a sweet CD collection to get us through the days. Then it happened, my computer began to self destruct. Now I need to tell you just how long this computer has held on. It was a laptop with 90Mghz. Yes, you read that right, 90. Built before the inventors of the Pentium chip were even born. This thing has trundled on through thick and thin. Being a trooper and not complaining a bit about being hooked up to a 22bit dial up connection. So after fretting long and hard I ordered a new laptop. This coincided with Clearwire coming to town. They had a killer deal and I said yes. So now I not only have a new computer with all the bells and whistles I did not even know I was missing, but it is blazing fast. I feel spoiled. Giddy with the joy of this machine. OK, now that there is a computer that is actually from this century in the house I have options. Options like a digital camera. OOOO a digital camera? No more feeling guilty about the 6 month old roll of undeveloped film at the bottom of my bag? Done. The girls have saved enough for iPods? Sure, why not? All of the sudden we have a house full of gadgets. What does a person do with all of these cords?

We got some snow today, PERFECT snowball snow. Bring it on.

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Kristen said...

I would take a picture of all the cords that are hanging out of the wall socket behind my computer, but there's some kind of weird tandem power bar parade going on and it's too many cords and too much embarrassment. If eastern Ontario goes dark, I'll be the one hiding in the closet with a flashlight and my wool.