Sunday, January 7, 2007

what next?

This evening I settled into the couch and finished knitting the toe on my evil pair of socks. I have knit MANY pairs of socks. If you have read the previous blogs you know that is particular pair was giving me copious amounts of grief. As I go to graft the toe on the second sock I have to rip it out not once but twice. I do not know what I was doing wrong, but boy did it show. Now the graft is 8 stitches on each of 2 needles, takes about 1 minute to finish. After pulling it out twice I pressed on and found that the 3rd time was indeed the charm. I had finished half of the stitches and all was well until.... the power goes out!!!! I live in Edmonds Washington. A stones throw from the north of Seattle and right on the Sound, we get a LOT of wind. We get power outages. But I can not help but think that this sock did not want to be made and its final little joy was turning out the power as I was thinking about weaving in ends. Yes, I did weave in those ends, by candle light. There is NO WAY I was letting this wool get the better of me.

What to knit next? Usually I know what my next knitting project will be long before the current one leaves the needles. Not this time. I have some yarn I am going to make into a throw. But my Mom tells me that she is sending me multiple skeins of black lace. I need to wait until it gets here to decide if I want to incorporate it into the throw or save it for a lace wrap. Then there is the BEAUTIFUL ball of Mountain Colors yarn that is sitting on my desk. I just reached over to touch it. OOOOO This was a gift and I have plans to make it into a hat, but I do not have the right needles. My LYS is out. It always amazes me when I do not have the right needles, I mean really, how many needles does one person need? So I guess I will start a new pair of socks tomorrow. I think I will use the STR Rare Gems that came as a bonus in my December kit and maybe the Birch pattern by Nancy Bush from Gathering of Lace. The gauge is not quite right, but I will need to knit a few inches before I can see if it will work.

Sorry no pictures, camera is on the way.

No recipes tonight, but wine! If I thought anyone was actually reading this blog I would hesitate to share, but because I am all alone favorite new wine is Reggiano Lambrisco Le Grotte. It is red, which I love. It is bubbly, which I love. It is cheap, which I REALLY love. $4.99 at Trader Joe's. Probably less expensive where you live because Washington state has antiquated liquor laws. To put the cherry on top it has a fairly low alcohol content. Although I am a self proclaimed lush, it is nice to be able to have a few glasses without the dread of a morning after headache.

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