Monday, January 8, 2007

look what I can do

The oh so nice UPS man brought me a digital camera today. I ordered it from and it turns out it was shipped from about 5 miles away. I could have picked it up! The shooting and viewing of pictures part are as easy as pie. I even downloaded and emailed a photo, ok, an image, this afternoon. Now I need to learn how to add pictures to the blog. MORE technical reading...

I had a late meeting this evening. Came home, did some work, opened the wine, did some more work and then read blogs. Far and away my favorite blog is slowknitter. She cracks me up. If only I still lived in LA. I made a quick stop into Weaving Works to purchase needles and some sock yarn. The needles are for a skein of Mountain Colors that will become a hat. I have not knit with this yarn before and really like it.

It has a beautiful sheen. Speaking of sheen (not Charlie, he probably googles himself for references), I also picked up a couple skeins of Louet Gems. They will become the Whitby socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting On The Road. If you swith the ' it becomes a dirty joke. Poor Nancy, I am sure she has heard it before.

The wine is gone. It is either bed or vodka...

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