Saturday, February 24, 2007


I frogged the Wavy Lace. I made it through the heel turn and almost through the gusset decreases. Then I thought I should try it on the make certain the foot size was going to be OK. Yes, the foot size was fine, but the leg was long enough that passed the ankle and went up to the calf where it was too tight! GGRRR - please notice my lack of swearing. So here is the plan....Cast back on with 72, do the cute scalloped edge, and then only do 2 repeats of the leg pattern. That should do it. I really like the way the pattern looks. See previous post for pics. The thing I do not like are the yo's that go in between the purl to knit stitches and then the knit to purl stitches. They are a bit hard to work on the next row and doing them with size 1 needles can make my thumb cramp up. But I will work through the pain and press on. Stay tuned for pics of the 3rd reknit. The 3rd time being the charm.

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