Thursday, February 15, 2007

more yarn + free weekend = hedera

Husband will be out of town this weekend. Tomorrow I will run down to the yarn shop and pick up some provisions. Yes, I have a new pair of socks on needles and the shawl too. Your point?

I am in love all over again with Hedera. After seeing Cookie A.'s new post I immediately cast on for a pair. I had a skein of sock yarn from Cookie A's stash sale that has been saying "pick me, pick me". Well, after a few inches it was obvious that yarn was all wrong for the project. Too dark and busy. So that yarn is becoming a pair of plain socks and the yarn I am buying tomorrow will become Hedera. I am going to need to either finish the current socks before I cast on for the new pair, or I will need to pick up another pair of size 2 DP. I have big feet and knit tight, so I always go up a needle size. The safe money is on another pair of needles.

Cherry Tree Hill yarn, African Grey. I am doing toe up so that I can put a cute picot edge at the top.

Today is the first day I have felt like my old self. I am even having a glass of wine, which is something I have had no desire for this past two weeks of sickness. I had purchased a case of wine for the Super International Pajama Day party. I was sick and the party was cancelled. I now have a case of Lambrusco in the kitchen. Gee, I wonder what will become of it?

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