Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wavy #1 opus 3 done

I finished the first Wavy Lace this morning

Cast on the second and finished the little scallop edge tonight. The finished fabric is very stretchy and looks just beautiful. I am certain I will make additional pairs as gifts.

Only a few rows finished on the second plain sock. I have been getting out of the car to chit chat with other parents during baseball practice, this really cuts into the knitting time. Yes, I could knit and chit chat at the same time, but that seems rude.

I have plenty of plain knitting in my future. Of course there is baseball for my oldest son. My youngest daughter in an Irish Step Dancer. With St. Patrick's day coming up she has tons of extra classes and rehearsals. 5 performances in 4 days over that weekend. LOTS of knitting time.

I am practically stalking the mailman for my new Rockin' Sock Club kit. I think they were mailed yesterday. They are mailed from Oregon, I am in Washington, how long can it take? The reality is that I can not have 3 socks on needles at one time. Needle supply is an issue, but there is no way I can keep 3 patterns straight in my head. I would have to keep looking at charts and all knitting would become very inefficient. If I am one thing it is efficient.

When I first began knitting, 7 years ago. I used Brittany Birch needles. I knew that I did not want metal and the birch where the only other option from my LYS. Since then I discovered bamboo from Crystal Palace. My almost LYS carried them and it was love at first feel. For circulars I use Addi Turbos because I really like the cable. I recently purchased a few pairs of the Knit Picks Options but have not taken them out for a test drive. The pointyness looks very nice to work with and now I am rethinking my "no metal" dp rule and am wondering about the Knit Picks dp's. Anyone out there have an opinion? I appreciate them all.

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Emma said...

Very pretty Wavy Lace sock. It looks lovely.