Sunday, February 25, 2007

wavy lace #3

Here is the sock as of this evening.

About 1/2 the gusset decreases done. I could do more, but decided to do this instead.

Some of you newer knitters may not see why I made a choice, I mean really, its just a glass (or two) of wine. While drinking and knitting may work for that garter stitch Fun Fur, if you are working on anything with a yo or a ssk, just set it down and back away. Nothing is worse than ripping out while fending off a hangover and trying to figure out what you were thinking.

Back to the sock, Here it is opened up.

So pretty. This is what I have learned while knitting, reknitting, and knitting the damn sock once again. The yo's between the knit and purl stitches are a pain. First I tried them the traditional way and the holes were too big, then I tried them without the extra loop of yarn and they were too small. Lastly I tried ignoring them. On the row with the ssk where I am suppose to yo before the last purl, I did not. Instead on the next row I did the repeat by p1, k5, M1 the wrong way, p1. This worked great! The purl yo's are tidy, and a much better match size wise to the knit yo's. I am very happy with myself for having thought of it. If you are going to knit this sock and want better details let me know and I will shoot the whole thing in close up.


Tan said...

Hmmm. I just ordered Favorite Socks. It looks as if the patterns may require some fiddling. No pun intended, but in what capacity do you look for violists? Are you a string player? (Thanks for your comment on my blog)

tonni said...

Love the Fav Socks book! I've knitted this same pattern in red cherry tree hill yarn. This is my kind of knitting picture... complete with wine of the evening :)