Sunday, February 18, 2007


I had no problem switching to a new sock pattern once the first sock was off the needles. It must be pretty obvious that I am not a procrastinator.

Here is the first plain sock.

Look at the cute little picot bind off.

Here is the beginning of Waving Lace Socks from the book Favorite Socks. If I could figure out how to add buttons to my blog I would add the KAL for the book. Anyone out there want to help me out with the button thing?

The Waving Lace is actually a very easy pattern to work with. The charts make sense and are easily memorized. It is not a "take to the high school baseball game" sock, but could easily be worked on the bus.

I gave the Amazon link to the book, but they do not actually sell them right now. Their release date is April 1st. You can order the book from Interweave Press. Or better yet, pick it up at your LYS. It is only $5 more than buying it from Amazon. You should hurry, my prediction is that the first printing will be gone in a flash.

I have been looking forward to the 2007 Rockin' Sock Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It was such great fun last year. They had a blog and I feel like we all got to know each other in cyberspace. This year I am a bit worried. There has been some email glitches getting everyone switched over to the new blog and the new people are being downright mean about the whole thing. Responses are impatient and snotty. What if having so many more people in the 2007 club ruins our little community full of fun and support? The first kits go out next week. If the blog is full of complaints about the color or pattern or anything else I will know 2006 can not be repeated.


Anna said...

I started the waving lace socks last night but based on previous experience I knew 64 st would not be enough. Using the SKS book formula, I co 80st but it was definately too big. The book has you use an even number of repeats. How did you add only a single 8 st repeat and have everything come out right? I suppose I could go up a needle size but I still don't think 64 st would be enough. Generally I need about a 72/74 st CO.

Terri said...

Hi Anna,
The original pattern calls for 64 stitches on #1's. The pattern repeats over 8 stitches. I added 8 to the 64 for a grand total of 72. This is working for me. When I came to the heel flap I knit to the written instructions, and did not worry about the extra 8 stitches. That means after I turn the heeel I will have 5 repeats over my instep instead of 4 and that is OK with me. I hate it when the lacey part is not wide enough for my foot.

Anna said...

Ah, you answered exactly what I wanted to you dealt with the instep/heel split. My knitting has been in time out the last few days...maybe I'll brave CO again tonight. I was sort of sick of CO, working enough to see it didn't fit and starting over. And I did a tension swatch!

On another note, yours is the first blog I have ever commented there a way to send a blog person a private email or is one stuck having everything public?

Terri said...

Hi Anna, glad to be of help. I have added my email address to the blog.