Monday, February 12, 2007

question of the day #1

If aliens were to plop down an enormous amount of money, millions and millions, onto your front porch what is the very first thing you would buy? The VERY first?

This question was posed to me and my response was I would pay off the house. Apparently that does not count because I already bought the house, just have not paid for it. I suppose the same logic works with credit cards. So then I had to think, well, what would I buy? Something that would be a lifestyle change but not too extravagant, because I am not an extravagant sort of gal. A gardener...named, no I am getting sidetracked. The services of a gardener, or a landscaper is probably what is actually needed. I have all this green stuff surrounding the house and it grows, and really, someone should pay some attention to it all.

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