Monday, June 4, 2007

breath deep

I am feeling the love tonight. My last Service Unit meeting went great! Could not have asked for a better way to end things. Not only was the meeting highly effective, it was fun and relaxing. So many people let me know how much I will be missed. I even got going away presents!
A folding knitting bag,

a wild, bird house

and a gift card to the local yarn shop. I guess they know me. Friday is my exit interview and I am feeling good!

Here is sock progress.

The yarn is a tiny bit splitty. I hear that is to be expected with bamboo. When knitting each stitch it has a nice sheen, that sheen is totally lost when you look at the whole sock. I am not sure why this happens. The picture on the patten shows the yarn nicely variegated. I am getting stripes, bigger stripes,as I go along, so I suppose the pattern sock was made alternating 2, or more balls of yarn.

I was just thinking, as I poured another glass of wine,

that I would sleep in tomorrow. No, we have orthodontist appointments in the early afternoon. Husband wants to be at these, so I will need to drive to his office to pick him up. While I am down that I way I should stop into the Girl Scout office and take care of a few things. Maybe I can sleep in a little. Maybe he could take the car in? I will need to be awake enough when the alarm goes off to ask these questions.

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