Tuesday, June 26, 2007

double the fun

2 socks in progress this morning. First up

a pair of plain socks for Husband to wear to work. While I have made him many socks with all manner of patterns and cables, this time he wanted plain ol plain ol. That is fine. I am using Dream In Color Smooshy in Jungle Cloud. I love the colors. They are subtle and downright beautiful next to each other. I will be trying more of this yarn.

Second up

STR Firebird. This is the yarn from the June club shipment. You know I love the colors. I have more pairs of socks that include these colors than I can count. I have followed the pattern that came with the kit for the leg but I am thinking I will do the foot plain. I am anxious to see how these colors knit up without patterning. So pretty!

The club pattern calls for cables. I did mine without a cable needle and they look great! Let me know if you want specifics.

A long orthodontist appointment today = lots of knitting time.

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