Friday, June 22, 2007

dead man's curve

You will not believe what happened yesterday. I got sunburned, in Seattle! I have a patch about 4 x 6 on my calf. I will spare you the pic. I was out on the deck knitting, wearing capris and wool socks. Don't laugh, this is totally acceptable in Seattle. That one little patch in between the two is now pink. It made me laugh when I realized what had happened.

Also, look what fell off my needles yesterday afternoon

I am not even sure how it happened, it was so fast.
All Things Heather, Bamboo, knit with #2 bamboo needles. This yarn began as a different sock with Knit Picks needles. No to both. Stick with the wood so you do not have to deal with the yarn's splity nature and this is a fine soft, satisfyingly squishy yarn.

Yesterday evening I was at Oldest Son's baseball practice. Coach was trying to collect paperwork and looked to be in eminent danger of pulling a groin, when I stepped in to help. He looked much more at ease out on the field. I was sitting on the bench, checking this and that when my phone rings. It is Oldest Daughter. She is concerned because there are 2 people drag racing up and down our side street. Our side street is 12 feet wide, so this is not an everyday occurrence. I told her to keep everyone inside and that it was certain the neighbors had called the police, just hang tight. We live in a neighborhood where we have been reported for having a toilet and tarp in the backyard during a construction project. Having this knowledge I knew that every neighbor on the street had speed-dialed in to request immediate Police action.

Later in the evening, the girls pointed out one of the cars that had been racing, it was turning onto our side street. I of course hot footed it outside to give the driver the stink eye. He pulled over to talk to me, acknowledged that what he had been doing was scaring the kids and apologized. I thanked him. Nicely even. Even welcomed him to the neighborhood. They are renting the house that is slated to become a 16 unit condo project. While I am not planning to bake cookies, I certainly hope we will be able to all get along. He is WAY old enough to know better.

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