Thursday, June 21, 2007

let's get serious

Not only did I finish that sock yesterday, I knit a couple inches of its buddy. So this is how it is? This means that some serious knitting can get done around here. Specifically on the Faux Russian Stole. I had accepted that it would probably be the end of the year before it was done. Now? Now I do not see why it can not be done by the end of the summer. This is what it looks like today.

Check in tomorrow.

More knitting surprises? I learned how to knit backwards. It is SO COOL! The Airy Scarf has 23 stitches and it is getting long and becoming hard to deal with all that turning back and forth while sitting at the ball game. So I stopped turning and just went backwards. I feel so smart. That project lives in the car, I will pull it out for pictures tomorrow.

With any luck there will be one more knitting surprise today. The June kit from Rockin' Sock Club. I have looked at the spoilers and can not wait to see it in person!!!

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Tan said...

Your bamboo sock came out great. What size needles gave you a 1-day sock? I might be able to do it on 2's but would have to spend every minute at it. I hope we do get our kits today. I suspect that I'm on the west coast list, and things don't get to Utah as fast as they do to Seattle.