Sunday, June 10, 2007

cold as ice

Why would I spend the morning knitting this?

Because Toothy was cold!

The design juices have been flowing hard the past few weeks. I can not finish one project before I am grabbing the Moleskin to sketch out a new one. Feels GREAT!

Here I had planned to show you an item in progress. Just this evening I learned that if I am planning to submit to Knitty, which I am, then it could not have made an appearance on my blog. SO, pretend I am showing you something wonderful. Really, take my word for it.

All of my recent inspiration has come from the stash. This has been terrific for two reasons. One, because I am able to grab it and cast right on. Two, because it means that I really need to do some stash enhancement to keep those juices flowing. As you all know my stash is puny and may be suffering from a complex.

I have been reading ALL of the spinning books. So far my favorites are High Whorling by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Spin to Knit by Shannon Okey. The High Whorling is no longer available, but she has a newer one Spinning in the Old Way that sounds like the same book updated. In addition to those 2 books I have also ordered Hand Spindle Treasury. My library did not have a copy for me to preview, I am hoping all the good reviews are correct.

What are your favorite spinning books?

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Tan said...

I like Twisted Sisters sock book. It's sort of a spinning book, and I like their method of working with colored rovings.

I'm glad you're taking care of Toothy. I need to knit something for the new drink and wet doll I just added to the grandma toys, since Paul is offended that it has his name on its shirt. Hey, it's not my fault that there is a drink and wet doll named Paul. Maybe it bothers him that it's anatomically correct.