Tuesday, May 15, 2007

feeling left out

This morning I have seen a couple of pictures of the Loopy Ewe Sock Club. Why oh why did I not join? All I can think of is that is was the day before payday and I was feeling a resolve to be more frugal. Damn those frugal feelings all to hell!

What have I got to show off?

Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks That Rock - lightweight - Fire On The Mountain


Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks That Rock - lightweight - Sunstone

Together they will become a sock of my own design. Very cool!

1 comment:

Tan said...

For some reason your Friday post with the Yarn Pirate isn't letting me comment. But see, there you go, the exact thing I would like as a trade for the Loopy Sock kit. If you happen to go in there and they have Yarn Pirate, it is killer hard to get hold of out here in Utah. I have stalked Loopy Ewe's sneakups and only managed to ever get my hands on one skein of Yarn Pirate. No rush. I don't want to steal your own PERSONAL Yarn Pirate stash.