Monday, May 7, 2007


Last week I read on some blog that this person - I do not who, I had clicked there from somewhere else - was insane enough to try to finish 17 pairs of socks in 17 weeks. My first thought, other than the insanity, was that she was some kind of knitting machine. I could not finish 17 pairs of socks in a year. That led me to thinking about what had come off my needles this year. The list is long. WAY longer than I realized. I have added the list to the right. I am going to wait to add links until I can try out Ravelry. It seems to be all the rage.

Here is what has become of Silkie. Grasshopper was frogged, as was Pomatomus. I settled for Bordello from the Sea Wool ball band. The Sea Wool Ball Band, now there is a good band name!

It is beautiful and will probably be a present for my mom's birthday.

No, my mom does not read the blog. No one I actually know has any idea I keep a blog.

This weekend Youngest Daughter participated in an Irish Dance Contest. She took 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in every event she competed. Pretty impressive stuff. The competition was WAY, WAY longer than I anticipated. Luckily I had Oldest Daughter's shawl to work on. I made a ton of progress and then began to feel that dread creeping in. The kind that you deny for rows and rows, telling yourself you are being silly. Reminding your self that you have had this feeling before and it has passed. You knit along in denial. Once it becomes obvious there is not going to be enough yarn you begin to whine.

Oldest Son " Can't you just buy more yarn?"

Me, "This is hand dyed, there is no guarantee that the ball I order tomorrow will have any resemblance to the one I have just knit."

Youngest Daughter. "Can you make it stripey?"

Me, "Normally I would do that, but there are beads threaded onto the yarn before I start knitting. How do I deal with that? Do I even want to deal with that?"

Sulk. Pour a drink. Swear a little. Sulk.

Brilliant idea! I will send the wonderful ladies at Blue Moon a few yards of this yarn and have them pull a skein out of the warehouse that is close. What do you think? Will they do it? Will it work?

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