Wednesday, May 30, 2007

on the road again

What a great weekend. We began by heading south to Mt. St. Helens. Windy Ridge was closed but we still saw a beautiful volcano.

We also stumbled upon a nice waterfall. It was just a short hike off the road and so worth the climbing over fallen trees.

No ice caves, but Hood River! This is my new favorite place and I plan to visit again and spend a couple of days.

We enjoyed the local museum and saw a Kestrel!

The warm and sunny afternoon was spent at the Mary Hill Museum

There are a lot of peafowl on the grounds. One is an albino and he was kind enough to show off for us.

and then Stonehenge.

I had a bit of a panic attack after Youngest Son threw Toothy on top of one of the pillars. Toothy is an Allosaurus and his constant companion. Toothy was really looking forward to dancing around Stonehenge. I asked youngest son where Toothy would like to have his picture taken and pop, he threw him right up there. An extremely kind stranger gave Oldest Son a leg up so that Toothy could be retrieved. From that point on all dancing was done on the ground.

Then it was up to Yakima. We were trying to find a brewery but failed. We had 2 maps of the city and they did not match. Not very helpful. Yakima is an odd city. No plans to return.

They do however have a really nice museum, we spent way more time there than expected. So I guess I would recommend taking in the museum and the soda fountain and then keep driving.

The mini vacation is the way to go when you have a big, diverse family. No big planning or reservations to be made. No lines to stand in. About the time everyone is getting cranky it is time to go home. We have been inspired to do more mini vacations this summer. Our next trip will the the middle of June, camping.

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Tan said...

Wow, nobody threw up! You DO have a nice family.