Tuesday, May 22, 2007

vacation all I ever wanted....

We are heading out of town this weekend for an adventure. We originally planned to go to Portland. And we may make to to Portland, but now our route is taking a left turn before we get there. We have decided to head east along the Columbia and check out the ice caves and Mt. St. Helen's and Stonehenge and The Mary Hill Museum. What we do will depend on our mood and the weather.

We will be gone 2 -4 days. Our main road off the 5 will be the scenic 14. Where we go from there? It is an adventure.

An adventure needs good packing. Beside the ordinary we will bring gear for the ice caves, all manner of electronics, books and knitting.

For reading I will bring this and this.

For knitting... that was harder.

Enough yarn to work a few repeats on the Faux Russian Wrap. Socks of my own design. An airy scarf.

I can only do simple knitting in the car, I get car sick. But I am NOT going caving, and it is quite possible the rest of the family will want to do other hiking related things I will not want to do. That leaves a lot of time to knit. Yahoo!

Before I leave for the trip I need to sign up for a spinning class at the LYS. I have been thinking spinning thoughts for while and it is time! I normally do not take classes. I am more comfortable learning from a book. But I am also trying to branch out a bit. Meet some people who are not Girl Scouts. This class is a good first step.

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