Friday, May 18, 2007

yarn, yarn & more yarn

It has been a busy week. Bordellos knit with Silkie Walkin' On The Wild Side. - done

They are beautiful, the pattern is a perfect match for the yarn. Such a simple pattern with such great results. Size 2 Knit Picks DP's - 68 stitches around.

Tuesday was a trip to the LYS where I found 9 balls of Frog Tree Alpaca in a mossy green (color 402) that was immediately cast on for this. Its lace, picture it stretchy.

This is the beginning of the Faux Russian Stole. It is really much more green than the picture shows, I will have to work on that in another post. The pattern makes sense and because I am using Sport Weight yarn and size 7 needles it is very satisfying.

While at the yarn shop this jumped into my bag

This is the famous Yarn Pirate I have been reading about. It is hard to find her things in stock. Turns out she is a local girl and the shop even has their own exclusive colorway.

It is called Sonoma and looks very much like desert wildflowers in the spring. It is one for the basket, I do not anticipate actually knitting it up. I do however really like to look at it.

I have also begun Mock Wave Cable socks from Favorite Socks for Husband. There is only 3 rounds on the needles, you don't really want to see.