Wednesday, May 23, 2007

shiny, shiny

I think the cat may be out of the bag. Oldest Son was looking over my shoulder this evening while I was reading Tans blog, Vortex of Chaos. I explained that this was my "Blue Moon Buddy". He enjoyed the description under the title and then asked what mine said. I played it cool, said that mine did not say anything special. He moved on to another subject. I really do not want to share my blog with the family. I share everything else. This is mine.

Knit 16 whole rows on the lace today. Woo hoo! I spent a fair amount of time in the waiting room of the dentist's office while Oldest Daughter was getting the drill. She has the most awful teeth. Really awful. She has already been through years of orthodontia and we are not even close to being done. We are beginning another phase and, in preparation she is getting fillings and build ups and all manner of stuff. 5 appointments in 3 weeks = lots of knitting.

Youngest Daughter is just beginning her orthodontic career. She has never even had a cavity, LOVE her! Of course she is not happy about the whole braces thing. By the time we are done with the both of them there will not be one single device or procedure that has not been a part of our household. OY!

Anyway, the knitting...

It is going well. I am so enjoying the pattern. The math has been done and I will have enough yarn. Its all good.

I also began a bit of my airy scarf just to make sure the needle size is correct before putting it in the bag for this weekend. I like it.

I could go up a size, but will not. Mostly because of a needle epiphany. I first cast on with a #9 16" Addi's. The length was to short and I was amazed at how much I did not like the needles. I switched to bamboo straights. I do not have straights in size 9, which is unbelievable to me. So 8's will have to do.

I have used Addi circs for years. Recently I ordered some needles from Knit Picks and I am hooked (so to speak). First I tried the double points. They were a bit heavy and took 2 tries before I liked them. Once I was used to the difference between the bamboo and the metal there was no going back. They are so pointy and smooth, this makes every stitch so easy. And they are shiny! For the Russian Stole I used the Options #7's. OMG! I am NEVER using anything else for lace work. Again, it is the pointiness that makes all the difference. I can not imagine ever buying another Addi, and the prices Knit Picks wants for tips?...I will probably replace my favorite sizes.

I was also able to make good progress on socks of my own design. No pics. Now I need to chart the second pattern. Probably will not get to it today.

Today is darning day. Look at this mess.

They have been sitting on my dresser for a week. A week is about the max time I can spend looking at something that needs be done. Today is the day.


Tan said...

Wow, I feel incredibly cool that your son liked my blog description. I have decided I cannot stand to mend socks. I think I am going to make an afghan out of the cuffs when they wear out.

Terri said...

I plan on doing the very same thing! I have a bag of "too worn out to mend again" socks in the garage. Maybe next year there will be enough to start piecing them together.