Friday, May 4, 2007

rockin' back and forth

Rock and Weaves are done.

OK, they still need buttons. I will pick those up during the LYS tour.

I love the Linen Stitch.

And the cute little picot bind off.

This is the first holiday gift, done. Last year I did not start until August. Maybe I will be done by August this year?

We are assembling a group to attend Stitch N Pitch. We all went last year and had a great time. Yarn, baseball, garlic fries, yarn. Its all good.

Yesterday I began the new Rockin' Sock Club kit. First the positives. This yarn is wonderful! The colors are so beautiful knit together. The pattern called for a toe up cast on that I had not used before. It was easy and looked nice, no going back to tighten the stitches. So there I was making my toes, loving the yarn, then I hit the patterning. It is a YO, P2T repeat and then on the next row row P2T, YO. That was a lesson in frustration. I do not knit as tight as I used to, but I am still on the tight side. Add that to my not so pointy Addi Turbos and it was not pretty. Hand cramps, headache from not breathing, and the swearing. Oh my!

So Grasshopper was frogged and Embossed Leaves begun. I have knit this pattern before and really like it. After a few inches I was thinking they may become a holiday present for Youngest Daughter. After a few more inches it was obvious this yarn was all wrong for the pattern. The leaves showed up during the lighter colors, but not at all during the darker sections. Frog #2.

Pomatomus begun. I am still on the ribbing, not even enough progress to take a picture. Stay tuned.

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