Sunday, March 18, 2007

dead rat or else

3 mornings in a row the cat brings in and then kills a mousie/rat thing. I've had enough. I thought the best thing to do was to put a cat door into the garage. That way the cat could get out of the rain but not be able to bring a critter into the house. Husband said that would make the cat bring things into the garage where they were more likely to get lost. I did not care. Lost in the garage is WAY preferable to lost in the house. Husband was not moved.

This weekend was busy. Dance performances, baseball, umpiring, the ballet and a dinner party. The cat was out of site, out of mind.

Earlier this evening everyone is in bed, I am putting away things in the kitchen. The cat bolts through the kitty door. Bad sign. I peek around the corner and he is sitting in front of the coat closet, staring. Bad sign. I open the closet door a bit. He begins to paw at the umbrella. REALLY bad sign.

I let Husband know about my feelings of doom and he begins to pull things out of the closet. Sure enough, there is a rat. The cat has removed himself from the whole situation. Husband and youngest son are trying to catch the thing when it slips away. It heads to the computer room. Husband and youngest son look, but can not find it. Cat is found and locked into the room with the thing. I blocked up the crack under the door.

Right now I am really fucking mad at the cat. His freedom is gone! I will learn to sleep through the meowing. Come morning, there had netter be a dead rat in the middle of that floor.

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