Thursday, March 8, 2007

penis sock frogged

While the sock looks strange on the needles it spreads out fine on the foot. The toe was a bit pointy at the sides where it joins the foot, but I, ever the optimist, knit on. Last night I finished the heel, tried the sock on and it was small. The heel was about an inch too short up the back. This morning I ripped out the heel. switched to bigger needles and tried again. The fit was better, but I still did not really like it. As I continued to knit I liked it less and less. It was time to be brave. I ripped the whole thing out. I have cast on again, this time beginning with the leg. I will work the leg chart backwards, use a heel flap/gussets, then use the original pattern on the instep stitches and do a plain sole. Cross your fingers.

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Darinka said...

Hey! I had exactly the same experience with toes and heels. That short row toe never works on my foot, but I slogged on with the pattern and ended up frogging the whole thing too. Also went top down and even changed the leg pattern to something similar. Sheesh---I guess we reinvented the wheel. Great fun though! I wish there was a Yahoo group because the posts and commentary are so much more immediate!