Friday, March 30, 2007

Lots of Knitting talk lately, time for some Noshing. Here is the menu for Passover. The people who are Kosher are vegetarians, the carnivores do not care about Kosher. That is why there is meat and dairy on the same menu.

Roasted Chicken and Root Vegtables - heirloom potatoes and parsnips and onions and a bunch
of braising greens
Potato Kugel – the real kind, with eggs and butter and cream. No low fat going on here.
Roasted Asparagus with a garlic sauce
Green Salad

Chocolate Macaroons
Passover candy
Hazelnut Torte

To snack on during the Haggadah reading:

Matzo crackers and salsa, - regular and mango
Veggies & dip
Fruit & dip
Smoked Salmon spread

Because we go through so much wine (4 cups for each adult) I am asking 2 people to bring wine. I will also have a few bottles on hand, just in case. I am also asking for the Green Salad and the Hazelnut Torte to be potlucked. The rest I can handle without going crazy. I will need to spend most of that day scrubbing the house. I am always so nervous about the house. Why? Who knows. Maybe because we bought a fixer and it is still being fixed and nothing is how we would like it to be.

Husband requested Matzo Ball Soup. That is just too hard to serve to a small crowd so I think I will make that the day before. The Oldest Son requested a Pot Roast. None of the guests eat red meat, so that will need to wait until maybe the day after.

I have tried and true recipes for all of the above. If you are interested let me know and I will post them.

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Tan said...

Good deal. You sound a lot calmer.