Thursday, March 29, 2007


Blog land is filled with beautiful pictures of flowers, shouting the arrival of spring. This is how I know it is spring.

Finished Fire On the Mountain socks last night. I had thought they would be done this weekend. Fate - otherwise known as my stupidity- stepped in. About 6:30 last night I headed over to pick up Oldest Son from baseball practice. Practice runs late. It is OK by me. I turn on NPR and knit. About 7:30, as the sun dips below the tree line, I realize that not only have I been listening to the radio, but my lights have been on. &^*% I switch everything off, turn the key, nothing. *&%$*&(^(*! OK, I did swear in the car, but am better this morning.
45 minutes later the Pop-A-Lock guy arrives. It takes longer to fill out the paperwork than to jump the battery. As he begins, he points out the battery terminal. It looks there is some kind of alien life form growing right before my eyes. The PAL guy tells me that because of the corrosion the battery will probably not take a charge. I can expect to have to be jumped again. ****remember this for next time and insert dirty joke****
So my morning will be filled with wire brushes, chemicals and a battery charger. WAHOO!
Good news. Kitty is home. Hungry and happy. He must have been locked in someone's garage.
Bad news. No mousie update.

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