Tuesday, March 6, 2007

wee tiny sock swap

Here is Monsoon wrapped up and ready to go. I put it into balls during bright sunshine and the colors are more subtle. The dark gray has a lot of blue and is the color of the clouds right before a big rain. There is also a very light green in the mix. So nice.

The pattern that arrived with the yarn is called Inside Out. It is very different. Knit toe up with the toe and heel in garter stitch. The foot is ribbed and the leg has a cable pattern. The ribbing on the foot pulls in the toe and makes it looks funny. Of course on your foot it is all smooth and pretty. I have only finished the toe and a couple of inches of foot. I will take a picture after today's progress.

The little sock for my keychain. I used leftover Koigu and it took about an hour. Even my above it all 17 year old daughter proclaimed it to be cute.

Speaking of wee socks. Here is a link to a wee sock swap.
I have signed up. It looks to be great fun.

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