Monday, March 5, 2007

wavy lace, sock blocker and STR

So much to show you! First, the package from Loopy Ewe.

The cutest sock blocker keychain. If the blocker itself is not cute enough there is a pattern included so that you can put a sock on it. This evening I came home from a late meeting, poured a glass of wine and made my little sock. It look about an hour. I will post that pic tomorrow.

The yarn. OMG, it is beautiful. I have not knit with Claudia, but the color is gorgeous and I will be digging into it before too long.
The service from Loopy Ewe is perfect. The package was shipped quickly and carefully. There was a handwritten note with the package and a few extras. VERY pleased and will order from them again.

Here are the completed Wavy Lace socks from Favorite Socks.

A great pattern. People I know have a good chance of receiving
a pair in their favorite color as gifts.
And then there is this...If you are a member of the Rockin Sock Club and do not want to see the new kit, then stop right now, because here comes the yarn...Monsoon. So beautiful. Rich and bold. Dark grey blending into a breathtaking green followed by a tree bark brown. This yarn will be hitting my needles tomorrow.

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