Tuesday, March 27, 2007

wee tiny sock arrives

Such a treat to open the mail and find this.

A big giant thank you to Jane. The little sock on the left is made from STR Fire on the Mountain. Which you all know is my absolute favorite colorway of all time. The one on the right is called Love Stinks (yeah yeah). Sing it with me.

I have been up for hours. Have tons of work to get done. Yet here I am reading blogs and goofing off.

Maybe the next Wee Tiny Swap could be mittens. I wonder if Emily is planning to do it again?

Passover is fast approaching and in a moment of cough syrup induced hazy reality, I said that I would host the Seder. I undulate between thoughts of "it will be just fine" and "how can I get out of this?". There are many obstacles to overcome. First, I have not been to a Seder since I was in high school. Second, we only have 6 chairs. Third, there is a construction project currently happening in the living room/dining room. Fourth, I do not have a clue what I am doing. Fifth, the house will need to be scrubbed because company is coming. Sixth, this does not really count because there is no way in hell I will get the front flower bed weeded and presentable before next weekend. Things on my side...really great people, no real Seder experience, LOTS of wine.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Tan said...

Hire someone to beautify the front garden, and make dinner potluck? I mean, who says you can't have a potluck seder? And I bet you can borrow some folding chairs.