Wednesday, March 21, 2007

mousie and zen knitting

When no dead mousie was found I figured it was mortally wounded and we would find it dead behind a shelf. No such luck. It is quite alive and setting up housekeeping.

Remember the speakers your husband had before you got married? The ones that were the size of say, a Smart Car? Well Husband managed to hang on to one of them. It makes a functional corner table in the computer room. This is where the mousie is hanging out. INSIDE the thing, where no human or cat can reach.

So the computer room remains blocked up and I will trudge to Home Depot this morning to find a trap. I hope they make something that works on the catch and release idea. As much sleep as I have lost over this rodent I really do not want to hear the snap of the old fashioned trap.

No knitting pictures. I have been working on a new sock design and every stitch I have knit the past few days has been frogged. More than once. It is definitely time to set that aside and pick up some zen knitting. Maybe something out of the Favorite Socks book.

Lucky for me there is no yarn in the computer room for the mousie to get into. That would truly send me over the top.

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