Tuesday, February 19, 2008


A few days ago my blog counter rolled over 1700. This took almost a year. Today, before I even mailed out the package for the lucky #1700, the counter has rolled over 1800. OMG! I will keep posting, y'all keep reading, as we get close to 2000 I will rummage through the stash for another yarny goodness giveaway. I have very little stash, and it is all good.

I spent most of yesterday trying to reinvent the wheel. After a long day I am back where I started. But fresh and with rested eyes. Truth be told, I make a little progress everyday, and feel really great about the whole process.

Today Youngest Son has a dentist appointment, last one for a while. I cancelled his tap lesson this week. Good thing becasue both daughters see Ortodontist today. Then there is the after dinner dance class. I so dislike having to bundle up and head out after dinner. I prefert to have wine with dinner and change into my jammies. What about you? What time is your time to feel like you are "in for the day"?

No knitting progress. Yesterday I knit and ripped and knit and ripped and knit and ripped. See the whole reinventing the wheel from above. Good news, Oceanwind Knits holds up well to such torture.

My bean grew a whole inch

I love my bean!

I need to start a small project to take with me. What will it be? A soon as I am done with this post I will go stash diving. Knitting progress to follow.

Please, let me know, at what time of day do you say NO, it is too late.


ikkinlala said...

I'm a student, so my social life might be nonexistent if I decided to always stay in after dinner (no matter how much I sometimes want to). But if I haven't left the house by 8pm, it usually means I'm staying in.

J. said...

Hi Terri,

I am inspired by your blog (nice layout) and especially inspired by your fine knitting prowess. I am also a knitter and have a blog that seems to revolve more around my Siamese kitties lately than my knitting. I am soon to tackle knitting a pair of socks using the Magic Loop method. Wish me luck, I'll need it...