Monday, February 11, 2008

i could use an Alfred today

Holy algorithms Batman! The counter on this here blog is about to hit 1700. I rememebr when it turned over 100, I was so surprised. 1700? I am floored!

There will be much knitting done today. Why? Well...yesterday the girls and I were walking around Seattle Center trying to find the Emerald City Feish. Just as we realized we were coming up on the right place, the pavement slipped out from under my left foot and I completely bent my ankle sideways. Sideways! We were far away from the car, so decided to watch the competition and deal with the ankle later. We did eventually make it back to the car. Once home I took off my sock and OMG. There was swelling and dark colors and red lines. Nothing that should be associated with an ankle. So today I sit and deal with the Sciatica in my right leg while tyring to rest the left ankle. OY.

Looky, first FO of the day

Dandelions in Summertime. Rio de la Plata, size 1 needles, plenty of yarn left.

Now its onto Flap Mittens

I have 2 meetings tonight. Will I be able to finish the first mitten? Tune in tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Oh that sounds so painful I hope it heals soon I have a sciatica problem in my back god it kills I love those socks I am getting to the place I want to learn to make socks soon I hope you feel better soon